Monday, June 10, 2013

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Me

1. I love to dance and find it the only exercise I enjoy.
2. I out eat my husband at every meal.
3. I love the smell of gasoline, permanent markers, white out, and PVC glue (but I will stick to scented candles, thanks).
4. If there were a disorder for people who pile things, I would have it. My desk at school, my bedroom, and our office would all confirm the diagnosis.
5. My husband is the nicest man in the world, and I often find myself wondering why I don’t bug him more than I do.
6. If I could freeze time, I would do it now (2010).
7. Some of my best childhood memories involve dressing up and putting on skits with Todd and/or my cousins.
8. I am honored to be one of only two grandchildren my Grandma Reeder ever spanked.
9. I often wonder what is the point of “no-show” socks when I can see people wearing them all the time.
10. I hate crowds, especially on airplanes and cruise ships. So much for being someone who loves to travel...
11. I have kept a journal off and on since I was five years old.
12. My son, Lane, weighed 9 lbs. 13 oz. at birth. Yes, I am one of those obnoxious women who brags about the size of her babies. (We all have something...)
13. I am embarrassed to think that I performed a drill team routine to the lyrics, “Boom!Boom!Boom! Let’s go back to my room so we can do it all night, and you can make me feel right...” What were we thinking? And even more importantly, where were the grown ups?
14. The only place I will go barefoot in a hotel is the shower or the bed. But if I can’t make it to my socks and shoes, walking on the balls of my feet somehow makes me feel as though I am avoiding germs.
15. I like the fact that I can slalom waterski, but don’t enjoy doing it.
16. My kids hate it when Mony-Mony comes on in the car because they know a few drill team head snaps are bound to happen, regardless of who’s watching. I can hear them begging, “Please, Mom, no...”
17. Golfing with my family is something I enjoy. It brings out all of our “issues.”
18. I am not competitive...anymore. Well, okay, only if I am not playing basketball or sprinting...
19. I am not a risk taker, and consider myself a fun-hater on many counts.
20. Six weeks before our wedding I got the Chicken Pox.
21. Because I ask a lot of questions, I find that people, in turn, like to give me unsolicited advice. This really bugs me.
22. Every time I show my kids my kindergarten class picture, they inevitably point to the very cute, Jayme Gilday and ask, “Is that you, Mom?” Needless to say, they are always disappointed to be reminded that I am the girl with horn-rimmed glasses, a shampoo-n-set hairdo, and a broken shoe.
23. I still love my homemade, poofy wedding dress even though LaFawn-duh wears the exact same dress in Napoleon Dynamite. As for my bridesmaid dresses...I will admit they looked like a “Minnie Mouse goes to an 80's prom” ensemble. Sorry ladies. (Mom, if you read this, don’t be offended–I take full responsibility).
24. I love my mom, and miss my dad.
25. If I could give out the best laugh award, it would go to my sister Janice.

Twenty-five Things cont.

26. I had my teeth whitened years ago and would pay triple what it cost. Well worth it.
27. In college I tried out for cheerleader and made it to the final round before being cut. It was the first time in my life I did not make a team I had tried out for. It was a turning point for me.
28. I make the goal to stop swearing every year. I ought to have the habit licked by the time I am eighty.
29. Both of my grandmothers are 94 years that’s cool.
30. Whenever my kids have a report or project due, I wish my sister Julie were around to help give them inspiration like she did me.
31. I snort when I laugh really hard. And I can laugh HARD!
32. I have a habit of saying “my kids” even when Marv is in the room. I’m trying to get over this.
33. Our kids are all so different it is almost comical.
34. Parents who argue about whose turn it is to change a poopy diaper bug me. Perhaps they still need diapers themselves...
35. As much as I hate to, I need to buy more comfortable/practical shoes to work in ( I just can’t bring myself to go granny though).
36. I love to dress up for special occasions.
37. I love to decorate my house, but not for holidays necessarily.
38. I love being blonde, but don’t like being called blonde.
39. I tore my ACL while hopping like a kangaroo with a group of Cub Scouts.
40. Marv and I ran out of money on our honeymoon and didn’t own credit cards. We ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches the last three days before arriving back home for our reception.
41. Two of my children (see there I go again) are high maintenance. The other one reminds me that kids just come with certain gifts, talents, and issues and I can’t take credit or blame myself for any of them. All I can do is enjoy all of them.
42. I am a critical person, but I am learning to cut myself some slack...along with everyone else.
43. I will never offer to coach basketball again unless my kids are all grown and out of the house—Holy time consumption, Batman!
44. Teaching has helped me understand and appreciate my children more (and vice versa).
45. I can sleep through some serious snoring.
46. I look better in photos than I do in person.
47. I am a good idea generator, but the plan has to be simple or it stifles my creativity.
48. I have never broken a bone.
49. I love to sleep, but put off going to bed.
50. I hate it when people clip their nails or dig at their toes or scabs in public. I can’t even talk about nose picking...
51. The only time I have ever tried to lose weight was before my wedding. I ate popcorn for most every meal and probably got down to 100#.
52. I cannot fit into my wedding dress and I am good with that.
53. I find it easy to see the good in people--even those who don't like me.
54. Looking back, it seems as though every time I did something wrong, I was caught, called on it, and punished to the fullest extent imaginable. I suppose you could call me a rebel without a clue.
55. I have the world's worst memory for someone not diagnosed with Dementia.
56. My children are loved more than they will ever know.
57. I have only had one cavity my entire life.
58. My mother deserves a congressional medal for parenting me and not slapping my face clean off as a teenager.
59. I used to feel tremendous guilt when eating out, but Cafe Rio got me over that.
60. I feel blessed to know that God loves me and has a plan for me and my family.

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