Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today I am just brainstorming--you know considering topics I might like to write about. Feedback is always welcome...

my inability to relax

my thoughts on nylons, nylon stockings, pantyhose, hose whatever you want to call them

talking back

the beauty of mediocrity (my version of being content)

when people assume 'your' dumb (see, I had to add the " so you wouldn't think I was...)

the fact that my husband can love me just as much when I spend too much money as when I live on shoestring budget.

How having fewer resources sparks creativity.

the hypocrisy required in parenting

stinky rags in the kitchen

cleaning the abyss (aka my children's rooms)

the assumption of others that you share their beliefs

long hair on older women (or men for that matter)

trying to define what a good mom is and other pointless lists people like to make

hotel rooms

eating at restaurant buffets

things that stink

belly laughs

love at first sight

teaching highs

losing my memory for a day

the beauty of a poor memory

informing student council members of winners/losers

shopping carts

the boob job-braces analogy and other ridiculous associations people like to make


unnatural hair colors


the touch of a hand

hugs (every mother deserves one avid hugger child)

redefining wealth and poverty in our country

Victoria's Secret

weekends are for relaxing and other myths

feeling betrayed and getting over it

sometimes good people are treated badly and there is no justice

people who talk loud enough in restaurants so that everyone is subjected to their conversations/stupidity

cell phones and texting...just call me, already!

agreeing with the disagreeable

taking parents for granted

trolling--breastfeeding in public fights on fb and other topics that get undies in a wad

customer service extinction