Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Day an Angel Came to Play

Your dad was first to notice the sparkle in your eye
He watched you for a moment and then said with a sigh,
"I feel as though someone is here, playing with our son."
Yes, someone from beyond the grave your heart had surely won.

Your smiles, coos, and gurgled laughs directed in the air
Let me and your father know, indeed, someone was there.
Then without hesitation, I answered your cheers of glee,
Inquiring of this visitor whom only you could see.

"Is your Great-Grandma Thompson here with her smile so sweet?
Is she pulling funny faces? Is she tickling your feet?"

Then the room got quiet, and the smiles began to fade.
Your gaze was suddenly broken from the new friend you had made.
Yes, we know who that new friend was, and this is why we say,
The veil was oh so thin the day an angel came to play.

Another Kyle poem--a haiku

Blue like the ocean
They dance on his soft round cheeks
My son's laughing eyes