Friday, November 4, 2016


Refinery--by Chris Thompson

God has asked me to
Suffer the tragic,
Sacrifice the unthinkable,
Forgive the inexcusable,
Accomplish the impossible.

He has required me to
Dig deep,
Let go,
Face fear, and
Walk tall through smiling tears.

He has
Yoked me with others,
Beckoned angels in my behalf,
Rallied forces from the beyond the veil,
And empowered me to overcome.

He expects that I will
Trust His path,
Find joy in this journey,
Seek the unanswerable, and in turn,
Assuage others who petition without reply.

He trusts me to
Cling to truth,
Move forward with faith,
Exude His light,
Extend His love.

He knows my heart,
Tempers my will,
Succors my pain, and
Acknowledges my meager offering

All in an effort to
Refine one
Desperate to hear the words
“Oh, lovely daughter, thou hast endured it well.”