Monday, June 10, 2013

Funny Ha Ha or Funny Awkward? You Decide.

Funny ha ha or funny awkward...

Like the time you were bragging to a friend about being rude to your mother, only to realize Mom was listening in on your teenage phone conversation. "Yeah, my mom was pretty pissed off and got all mad, but now she's trying to be all buddy, buddy with me..." [click] "You still there?"
"Chris, that wasn't me.  I think it came from your house..."

Like at your twenty year reunion when an ex-bf adamantly apologized to you about something rude he apparently said to you at the ten year reunion and you spent the rest of the night trying to imagine what he could have said about you that had prompted ten years of guilt.

Like the time you got home from work and looked in the mirror only to see that a button had come undone and your not so conservative leopard-print bra was conspicuously beckoning from your blouse.

Like the time you got whiplash by hitting a parking block in the high school parking lot because you were trying to spin donuts, not realizing that you had front-wheel drive and should have been doing them in reverse.

Like the time you supported and even engaged in a colleague's rant, only to realize that your family member was the target of the discussion. "You two are sisters?!"

Like the Valentine's Day you drew a funny nude self-portrait for your husband (complete with “strategically placed” Hershey's Kisses), only to have your “salt of the earth” mother-in-law come across it and erupt in uncontrollable laughter, calling it “cute.”

Like the time you realized that the customer smirking at you in your check-out line was someone you had made out with in college on a dare and all of your current co-workers were watching him as he had now returned to embarrass you by recollecting your previous encounter.

Like the time you got half way through the day before realizing you were wearing one brown boot and one black.

Like the time you used the word 'supposively' in a college essay because you had been using the word your entire life and Word Perfect spell check just didn't know anything.

Like the time you tried to sell D-Con to a gentlemen who was looking for “rattin' tablets” (writing tablets) and manure to the nice Spanish speaker who just wanted a money order.

Like the time you questioned the gentleman coming out of the stall, only to realize that it was you who was in the wrong restroom.

C'mon, share some of your "funny" moments with me in the comments, so I don't feel like such a moron!

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Emily Richards said...

Haha!! Oh my gosh. Well there was that one time I told my husband that I liked "The guy in Sherlock Holmes" way better than the guy who played Ironman. Duh?