Thursday, September 8, 2016

You and Me

You and Me

You and Me--two broken vessels,
holding tight,
waiting for the glue to dry--a mosaic
of shattered beauty rising from despair.

You and Me--a team, equally yoked,
wading through the mire of grief and pain,
--tear-stained and weak,
finding strength in one another’s
empty arms.

You and Me--two hearts aching,
joined by an angel--
One willing to put himself aside to ensure
Our mortal joy
and eternal progression.

You and Me--unsuspecting beneficiaries
of love, carefully preserved and stored,
shared before winter’s bleakness
could consume our will to continue.

You and Me--two clasped hands,
cherishing memories of the past,
moving ahead to a faith-filled future,
learning to dance again.

You and Me--two unfinished chapters,
patiently shelved, now ready to discover
Our happily-ever-after
in the everyday pages of living.

You and Me--one heart, void of fear,
trusting this path of hope and healing,
--willing to live, laugh, and love again.

CC Thompson
June 2016

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