Saturday, December 17, 2016

Momma Reb

Today There is Proof
March 4, 2015
Today there is proof
...that goodbyes are never easy but always inevitable.
...that “Family comes first. And if it doesn’t, it should.”
...that the veil is so thin, embraces from beyond
are no longer figurative but literal.
Today there is proof
...that money doesn’t buy happiness; it buys security.
But the security found in family relationships
far outweighs any monetary increase discovered in death.

Today there is proof
...that her devotion to family
was equally proportionate to
the number of photos on display in her home.
(With the exception of the seemingly requisite Christmas tree photo,
"you can never take too many pictures").

Today there is proof
...that grief is exhausting,
...tears build pressure and relieve anguish simultaneously,
And tender mercies mark the path of mourning;  
even those who fumble for the right words,
somehow offer peace.

Today there is proof
...that people are multi-dimensional:
those who are known for being tough
usually have an equal measure of tenderness.
...that only the good die young,
and the dynamic leave a hole more noticeable
than the weak and frail.
...that unselfishness is a way of life that many
mistake for misery.
...that thoughtfulness trumps
syrupy sweetness any day.

Today there is proof
...that our loving mother was welcomed Home.
...that after a life of giving, the bearer now rests.

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