Monday, November 7, 2016

In the Fall I Feel You

In the fall I feel you--
A hunter’s anticipation in the
Brisk breeze, tousling
My hair like you used to
On our long canyon drives;
In the warm and welcomed
Sunshine that follows a cool
Nature’s morn.
In the fall I hear you
Amid the rustling of leaves--
Those I scatter with
My determined gait,
Those still clinging
To barren trees,
Or those dancing
In between.
In the fall I see you.
All evidence confirming
My belief that you're still here--
Waiting patiently for
Me to look around and
Acknowledge your presence.
Claiming it won’t be long
Before I see you walking toward me
From the obscurity of the trees
That conceal you now,
But certainly not forever.
In the fall I long for you--
The bare, naked branches a
Reminder that winter awaits
Us all...
Nothing to fear
But rather,
Until spring awakens,
And we reunite
With those who’ve left us
With the whisperings of their love.

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