Sunday, January 15, 2012

Seven for Seven--An interactive post

My dear friend is about to have her seventh baby boy in the next few weeks. In honor of her, I would like to explore all of the “funny” (that's code for awkward and insensitive) comments she has endured over the last several months/years. I am also asking for your help in the form of responses. Please read through the list and write a “funny” retort she might be able to offer any of the comments listed below. Number them accordingly.

If you were about to have your seventh boy, what would say to the following?

1. Don't you know how to prevent that?
2. You know, there are ways of getting a girl.
3. Are you going to keep trying for a girl?
4. Wow! You'll have a whole litter. How many are in a litter, anyway?
5. You are a missionary machine!
6. Do you know the Duggars?
7. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is my favorite show!
8. Are you Catholic or Mormon?
9. Was this planned or was it a surprise?
10. I wish having babies was easy for me. I might have had more.
11. I had a dream your baby weighed 10 lbs. 4 oz.
12. So, what are you going to name this one (note the use of the pronoun 'one' which gives the baby an almost inanimate connotation).
13. I couldn't even think of seven boy names!
14. I bought the baby a dress, just in case...

Thanks for your participation. She will be reading, so make her laugh. Just remember: Even though she is my friend, she (unlike me) actually has some class. Keep it clean, people!


Ang said...

You forgot the one from the stranger in the Sam's parking lot who told me (in front of my "litter" of boys) that she would pray for me. We hadn't even gone into the store yet!

Anonymous said...

I haven't come up with any good comebacks yet, but I got this doozie of a question once: "What, you're not going to try for a girl?!? How will you ever live with the unbearable disappointment of never having a daughter?"